On July 6 and 7, the old Aurum family “factory” hosted the annual UENet Summit, during which another high-profile event took place: the Oscar Pomilio Blumm Forum. Both events filled the premises with a crowd of communication professionals from 26 countries and 4 continents who came to Pescara to discuss innovative strategies and best practices in institutional communication.

The Oscar Pomilio Blumm Forum focused on the problem of disinformation in the modern digital communication landscape. The floor was given to three key speakers David McCandless, data journalist and information designer, Walter Quattrociocchi, a scholar and the head of the Center of Data Science and Complexity for Society (CDCS) from La Sapienza University in Rome, and Miguel Maduro, Chair of the European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO). All three experts delivered comprehensive and engaging speeches casting different perspectives on the problem of disinformation.

The second day was dedicated to the UENet Summit and saw some important announcements. The notable one was the official launch of the UENet Hub accompanied by a presentation of the UENet Platform, a networking tool with exclusive access for the network partners which enables easy and swift sharing of information and resources and opens opportunities for collaboration within the network.

The Network Summit 2023 couldn’t of course lack bonding activities, including a yoga class, with plenty of opportunities for conversation and thought sharing. As we were saying goodbye to each other, we expressed a wish to meet next year in an even bigger company.