The six Balkan regions are on their way to getting full European membership. The process is not easy; Russia’s aggression against Ukraine also creates political and economic uncertainty. In this context, the EU wants to safeguard its credibility and foster positive perception across the Western Balkans as well as raise awareness about its investments there, especially, in the future of young people. It is important to show how close the Balkanic region already is to the rest of Europe as well as emphasise the power of people as creators of possibilities.

This is why the ‘Made of us’ campaign has been conceived and designed by Pomilio Blumm for the Directoriate-General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations (DG NEAR). The protagonists of the campaign are 12 young people from the Western Balkans and the EU who visit places of interest in the region and talk to local people. They showcase special moments from their journey and share their stories on unique landmarks and cultural heritage. They also seek answers to questions like what impact the enlargement policy of the European Union has on people in the Western Balkans and which EU projects have already changed people’s lives.

Empowering young people to act as messengers is one of the strategic features of this campaign. The key message of ‘what is the future made of’ is being revealed along the journey across the Balkanic regions and delivered through the genuine and unique voice of young Balkan natives and their fellow travellers from the EU.

The campaign takes place from 18 April to 30 May. The results, best practices and lessons learnt will be shared and discussed in a dedicated session during the upcoming UEN Summit in July.