Drawing from its vast practical experience, one of UENet’s founding partners comes forth with a new batch of services organising courses dedicated to institutional communication. The first one will take place from 28 Aug to 1 Sept 2023 at Maastricht University Campus in Brussels. Pomilio Blumm has been invited to design a summer school where the participants will be taught how to develop a comprehensive public communication strategy at the EU level.

With a multitude of domestic and international issues that Europe is facing today, there is an increased need for imaginative ideas and innovative strategies. Even the most visionary plan is likely to fail if it is not paired with a compelling and effective public communication strategy. How we “sell” our ideas is essential, especially when the stakes are high and the audience is as diverse and demanding as the citizens of Europe.

The key benefits of Maastricht University Summer School 2023 will be understanding the contemporary media landscape and tender procedures in the realm of International Organisations as well as developing an effective communication strategy using the latest research achievements in semiotics, social psychology and communication. Delivering on these commitments is a challenging task. That’s why Maastricht University chose an expert with extensive 20-year-plus experience dealing with institutional communication campaigns all over the world.